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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we were out there earlier and were learning about severe damage. >> we are tracking the system as it moves through wake county into warren county and vance county. we also have this live feed coming in from wake forest. chris says there is a new tornado warning popping up for southeastern cumberland county. chris and steve are tracking it for us in our first alert storm center. >> thank you. let's get straight to first alert doppler xp; we still have a lot going on. weather 1, you can see the tornado warning that was in effect for wake county, franklin county, and warren county. but the supercell producing that -- it is moving so fast and it doesn't last long, so i think unless you are in war and you need to be in a safe place. that cell has moved to the north and northeast and there is still some heavy rain in spots.
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south, for cumberland in sampson. southeastern cumberland and johnson and wayne counties, you are under a severe tornado warning. it is in effect until 6:30 and this line of storms -- there are a couple -- the one that stretches into parts of cumberland county has been off and on, producing potential tornadoes. there is a tornado warning end up to the north with much of wayne county it is also under a tornado warning which continues for the areas of northern wake because the national weather service has a pair of supercell thunderstorms and one is four miles south of louisburg moving
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we have got to supercells there into parts of frankland and foreign counties that are producing a potential tornado. one is writing here and another one is to the north. they are sort of trading over each other, moving over the exact same spot. that is potentially severe. it doesn't mean we can't see a spinoff of the next couple minutes, so we have a long way to go, at least an hour and a half before it is out of here. >> rate. right. it's moving to the east. we still have a fairly narrow line of storms and this is where we try to find rotation -- it
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southeastern cumberland county and another one into northwestern sampson. all these areas near cumberland in sampson, take cover. that tornado warning remains in effect until 6:30 for those areas. same for the areas to the north. >> i'm just amazed at how they keep developing so fast. again, the entire line is shifting eastward. let's go to weather 3. >> just to give you a better view. the yellow is a tornado watch. wake has severe thunderstorm warnings, and the purple color -- those are tornado warnings in effect. then for eastern johnson, the northern half of wayne,
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we have tornado warnings in effect. this will be pushing along out of here in the next hour and a half or so. by 8:00, 8:30 we should be in the clear. >> chris and steve, thank you. we have breaking news vehicles on the road right now. our focus is the northern part of wake county. >> a glut of wind and rain, and angelica alvarez can show us what it looks like. >> we're still trying to get that area, closer to loiselle now. you can see that we are passing a power crew, the first of several we have seen out and about in this area. earlier we will able to show you traffic lights that were out. we just passed the power crew here, so these homes cannot have
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right now we are behind the storm; we are not seeing any rain. you can see the clouds breaking ahead. it almost looks like it is clear skies. even going in and out of the storm all evening long, there has been very heavy rain. no damage we have run into so far. for us, we are running into people without power and take sections of the power. we will keep you updated on what we are seeing out here, and anymore rolling power outages. >> and from the triangle down to cumberland, we are getting reports of power outages and trees down. the most significant damage we have seen is from a confirmed tornado touchdown. >> heather joins us now with reports of 3-4 homes damaged. someone was hit by a tornado, but the person is ok. behind you, i can see a lot of that damage. tell us a little bit more about
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>> you should see the damage here -- it is just incredible. his house behind me, massive trees that crash through the roof. when we talked to you earlier, we have spoken to the son of the woman who lives here when that tornado came through. a few houses down, the hunt for a community. we have been talking to a lot of presidents -- a lot of residents in the area who were talking about what it was like -- tell us what it sounded like when a tornado came through. >> i was in the living room, and it was like a big bang hit the side of the house. i felt like it was shaking. i ran and got in the hall and cover myself. it sounded like a train coming through, and it was shaking, and
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it seems like it lasted forever, but i'm sure it didn't. >> when it was all over, you said you came out to check on your neighbors. you know the woman lives here. >> yeah, anne. i opened the front door -- i w as in a dream, and i saw the trees, and i couldn't believe it. >> a dairy farm right down the road. >> my husband's dairy farm has been in the family for years, and the silos were knocked down. >> what does it feel that you are able to survive some like this? >> it was scary. like i said, this is the first time this has ever happened. it was very scary. >> we are glad everyone is ok, glad that you are ok. thank you for talking with us. we are just trying to gather
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we have a lot of crews out here. we have granville county emergency management. we also have police and fire, adn you can see houses roped off with crime scene tape. we had to close some of these trees, a lot of vehicles flipped over. a lot of residents checking on each other. this is a tightknit community, trying to make sense of what just came through. so far, we haven't heard any reports of injuries, which is pretty incredible, given the scenes we have seen. >> absolutely wonderful that no one was hurt. are people able to go in their homes and together they are things, or are they completely roped off? >> right now, they are roped off. we haven't been able to find anyone who lives in these homes. the woman who is here andis now
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you can see this roof ripped off. we haven't been able to go around the backsides. we know that one homeowner is missing two dogs. at this time it looks like it is just emergency crews checking out the homes and making sure they are safe, trying to figure out if anything is salvageable. from what we can see, most of these homes look totally destroyed. >> heather, that was confirmed in granville, and it moved on to vance county. are you hearing any reports north of where you are of damage? >> steve, so far we aren't. but just a few minutes ago we had heavy downpour here, and the sky was completely blocked and then we had a beautiful sunset right across the street, those
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the clouds are starting to move out but back behind me more of those ominous dark clouds. we are still trying to gather more information from the crews on the scene so i will go over in talk to emergency management officials. >> we will be checking in with you throughout the evening. thank you. we are also getting reports of trees down in cabin county, durham, in oren county. >> lots of damage all around the viewing area. this has been a fast-moving storm that has been hitting since the early afternoon, and we have been having reports of lots of damage, lots of rain, lots of strong wind. we are starting to get those pictures coming in of what happened. >> i know a lot of you are thinking about the game tonight at 8:00. it was tweeted out that the game is still go.
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the game tonight, you should be in the clear. we have a shot coming in now in north raleigh. you can see this is another problem for the slow drive home. we have live feed coming in -- power outages and stoplights are out, making for a slow go. that compounded by the weather, and it makes a lot of traffic trouble. >> we still have lots of warnings and watches, and we are standing by. where do we stand right now on the storm? >> we have good news and bad news. there is a tornado warning for north hampton county that was just issued from the national weather service. if you are in northampton county you want to take cover.
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wake county --there is a tornado warning for north hampton no tornado warning in effect right now but still some heavy rain. it looks like it is just extreme western parts of the county under that tornado warning and that stretches into parts of worn county and franklin county, still under warning. down to the south, we still have those tornado warnings through parts of wayne county into johnson county, sampson county, and it looks like it has been moving away into cumberland county but still in effect for parts of robinson. norman sanderson and eastern johnson, there are tornado warnings still in effect so you need to be in your safe space. this line of storms does pull back -- we can show you the back edge making its way past the triangle. if you are in these areas, the threat of severe weather is
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it looks like the severe is in effect for parts of durham county, franklin, granville, fans, wake. it looks like this extreme eastern area, there is a new severe thunderstorm morning in effect until 7:15 for those areas of the triangle. it is moving northeast at 65 miles per hour, damaging wind up to 70 miles per hour as it makes its way northeast with heavy rainfall. further back to the west, a tornado watch for some areas and it has left parts of the viewing area. these tornado warnings are in effect north of the triangle and you have these tornado warnings into johnson, wayne, northern
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cumberland but some sections still have the tornado warnings in effect. we can show you the tornado watch, where it has been let go and it will be out of here in the next couple hours. and look, durham, chatham, lee -- they were canceled a little early but are still in effect. there's not too much because it will be gone by 6:15 or 8:00. these are the severe thunderstorm corning's, numerous tornado warnings that we still have an effect, and we have had numerous reports of tornadoes and then funnel clouds. the good news is that in the weather center we haven't gotten
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is all we were hoping for. we want to keep people safe and out of harms way. it will continue to advance to the east and it is already ended quickly out to the west as we head through the next several hours, moving out of our viewing area toward the coast. a new severe thunderstorm morning for parts of worn county. a flood advisory needed for wake and warren counties. notice that it is moving up fairly quickly and things will begin to settle down. let's show you this wider view, and you can see this area of thunderstorms stretching into parts of virginia. individual storms, the line
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we had some folks asking about it earlier -- we haven't mentioned it because you hadn't been under any warnings and you still aren't. there are some around you with that first batch of severe weather, but notice if you are in wilson or nash county you need to be on the lookout into halifax. the areas that are not under warnings up toward north hampton , that will change as the line pushes east. it will be pushing out of the entire area -- and let's go back over to weather 1. a massive storm, and look how thin that line of storms is. it stretches into virginia.
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hammered, pennsylvania, and on the backside, we see that area of low pressure, snowing all the way down into parts of kentucky with blizzard conditions in northern indiana and michigan is attracts over cincinnati. a very dynamic storm with lots of energy. we are on one side of it which means we got the severe weather. you can see this line of storms goes pretty well through 7:00, and at 8:30 or 9:00, it is gone. >> thanks. we've seen a lot of damage in the northern part of durham, along i-85. a lot of trees down and power outages. >> lots of trees down. in durham, people are starting to try and clear some of this stuff up. i was hearing chainsaws going off for you are. >> yeah. you can hear it in the
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power is completely out here. look at this behind me -- a massive treat now on the ground. strong wind blew a lot of the trees down in this neighborhood. neighbors are out here surveying the damage. a downed power line, and they took it away. they are concerned that this downs line would cause issues so it is now gone. crews expect that power will be back on around midnight tonight. take a look at this home. parts of the roof or damaged, and things are dangling overhead. you can hear them cutting down trees, and look over here. another tree is split in half by the wind. neighbors are out here, surveying things, looking at things, and that is the latest.
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thing actually -- i have to bring in my friend. you were in the house during the storm -- tell me what you heard. >> i heard the emergency thing go off and i thought, oh, my god. it came out of nowhere. it sounded like a freight train. >> so what you do when you heard it? >> when i heard it, i ran to the hallway closet. i was praying to god. i looked -- >> what is that feel like? >> my heart was beating, man. a mile a minute. i thought -- >> thank you so much. i'm glad everyone is ok. if you can see this green house behind me, there is a tree on top of a car in the driveway.
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the woman that owns the car had just gotten off work, and then the tree came down. no injuries, but that is the back to you. >> that is wonderful news. lots of trees all around, any homes damaged? homes? lying on homes. in this part of the area, we have not seen that. but i am told there are trees on homes on the other side of the street; we haven't gone there yet, but we plan to and will show you those pictures. >> all right. tim hogan live in durham, thank you. >> we have been hearing report after report across the viewing area of saying they have heard mother nature's freight train, that terrifying sound when a tornado is moving through. obviously it has been a frightening afternoon. let's turn our attention to wake county. one vehicle is on capital
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you can see how dark this guy is, the rain coming down -- how dark this sky is, rain coming down. elaina athans is making her way into northern wake county -- how are things looking? >> it's really coming down where we are. we just passed 540. two cars are just ahead of us. we are going very slow, and visibility is not great. we have been driving around, encountering a number of different areas -- earlier, we were inside the beltline, with downed power lines. they were dangling and smoking, with the police officer right outside.
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also, a lights out along 64 for folks heading eastbound. lots of debris, and on the beltline -- there is a major slowdown right now, standing water, 10 miles per hour through that stretch. as we are going about, we see a lot of issues on the roadways right now. >> i think the message to our viewers right now is that you should stay off the road and delay your trip. that is probably the best thing, because even where there isn't heavy rain, you might find traffic lights are out, and it will be slow going. traffic is backed up in so many areas. add in the rain in standing water and it is slow going. >> exactly. people have probably been inside
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lot of people want to get out and go to dinner or do whatever, but it is probably safer to stay inside. angelica alvarez, what do you see where you are? >> we're seeing a lot of rain. it just let up a little bit. i don't know if you saw that lightning -- we haven't seen a lot of lightning and thunder. it is so dark out here; it is hard to see. we finally found a working traffic light, so that's good news for this area. but it's very hard to see in front of us in the rain has been coming down. very hit and miss. we just went through a few minutes of hard rain and it is starting to come up on the side of the road. it is so dark that sometimes you don't even know you were driving through it. good to take it slow, just
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is hit and miss, very dark. thankfully, we are finding some working traffic lights. >> all right, angelica alvarez. we appreciate that live look. we're talking about power outages, and they are significant across the viewing area. we're seeing tweets from the power company hard at work. take a look at the triangle. power outage numbers coming in from duke energy right now -- they are really adding up. if you find yourself without power, you can always called duke energy. there are some significant outages going on right now that they are trying to tackle. >> absolutely. over 100,000 people without power in north carolina. 11,000 in wake county, 2000 and durham county. 200 in orange county, 2000 in
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we're putting those numbers on the screen for you. if you don't have power and you are watching this on your mobibi device, you can report your power outages. >> they are trying to get the power restored across the viewing area. more than 100,000 people without power across north carolina. those tornado warnings remain in effect until 630 tonight -- until 6:30 tonight. chris continues tracking it, and we will stay on the air through 7:00, so if you would like to watch world news tonight, you can catch that on our digital channel, 11.2 we want to stay here and serve our viewers. >> right now, we will go to chris and steve in the first alert weather center to tell us what is going on. >> no new warnings, and that is the good news, but we do have a
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off to the east, severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect for wilson county at edgecombe county. we go over to whether 3, that this thunderstorm is racing across the county. this stuff is moving so quickly in and out and moving northeast at about 50 miles per hour. it's not a tornado warning, but it is right over the city and pushing up eventually into areas of edged in county -- edgecombe county. you are under a severe thunderstorm warning to franklin county and warren county, which remains in effect for northern parts of franklin and warren counties. all the tornado warnings are right now set to expire in just a couple minutes -- i wouldn't be surprised if they don't
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today but we have tornado warnings in effect until 6:30. what we are looking for in that rotation, right on the franklin and warren county line. that is the area that potentially has a location, inter alia tornado on the ground. we haven't done the reports from this particular storm. then to the south, it is coming down a bit. cumberland county, no warnings in effect. there are areas south of ther e, and north, that is the location that is pushing into northern and southern parts of cumberland county. if you are in southeastern cumberland county, you need to stay alert in case there is a warning. there is one in northern parts of wayne county in johnson county.
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they may be expanded or moved or let go. we haven't gotten a lot of reports of damage. we did get numerous trees down through the 600 block of stephen road around 4:10. that is a possible tornado, that could be the one that moved into grendel county. those are the ones we have for the moment. again, the good news is that areas rest of raleigh and durham county have been cleared from the 20 to watch. -- from the tornado watch. anywhere west of raleigh, you could be in the clear. you can see that severe thunderstorm warning that skirted into wake county, so
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but east of raleigh, that area, up toward wake forest, there is a new tornado warning. that tornado warning has been upgraded to a tornado warning. a severe thunderstorm, 20 miles west of known all those are the areas there. and a tornado warning in effect for southern wilson county and eastern johnson county. northern parts of sampson county. there are several spots where there may be a tornado. >> the one just off to the west of goldsboro, you can see the warning goes all the way up to the north. there could be a little bit of
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along the highway 795 heading up towards wilson. >> look at that. >> it is in that line. similarities of rotation that could potentially reduce -- produce a tornado. if you are in those areas, take cover. this will be out in an hour or so. we have to get out of this last way -- wave. northern sampson, that storm has made its way to southeastern cumberland county. that is how fast is moving. minutes ago it was nowhere near their. the only warnings now for the triangle are for northern weight and into franklin county. -- wake and into franklin county. >> it is still holding together up there in warren county. heading towards littleton. >> the tornado warning has


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